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SEACT's award-winning Wiregrass Drama Club has a mission is to foster an environment that inspires young artists to dream, create, explore, think and connect, while encouraging self-expression and education.

We support young artists’ creative abilities and talents. Our goal is to promote a high sense of “self” in our members (self-esteem, self-respect, self-dignity, self-control, self-reliance and self-discipline). Wiregrass Drama Club is recognized as an inclusive and affordable organization that helps young artists to become creative, confident and compassionate adults.

Our Values

  • Community

  • Education

  • Creativity

  • Responsibility

  • Imagination

  • Collaboration

We Believe

  • Theatre has the power to connect, transform, and heal.

  • Theatre promotes curious and creative minds.

  • Experiencing theatre is essential for children to thrive.

  • Theatre can create bonds and community connection by bringing together artists and audiences from different backgrounds.

  • Theater skills can be applied in daily life.

  • We have the opportunity to reach out to children and families who may not otherwise have access to this unique kind of artistic and educational experience.

  • Team work and respect are fundamental. How we work with one another matters.

  • Children will receive artistic and personal growth by working in an environment that encourages collaboration, responsibility, creativity and self-expression.

  • Children will perform and learn from age appropriate material.


Competition Theatre & Ensemble


Wiregrass Drama Club members may choose to participate in theatre competitions. These are events for ensemble teams (auditioned) and for individuals who compete in scene work, monologues, duologues, and musical theatre solos and duets. There are positions for both actors, and technical support members who are focused on stage management, costumes, lighting, spotlight, and sound.

In 2021, Wiregrass Drama Club's ensemble team competed with Seussical Jr. at the Alabama Youth Theatre Experience in Boaz, Ala., bringing home awards for Best in Show, Best Lighting, Best Actor (Memphis Mortimer), and a Judge's Choice Award (Chad Snell). All-Star cast awards went to Sarah Kanes in technical support on stage managing and sound, and to Savannah Bloom and Jonathan Phillips for acting.

In the 2021/2022 season, the competition team will attend multiple events, and perform Dear Edwina Jr. at the Cultural Arts Center, Mar. 24-26.


Dear Edwina Cast List

Edwina - Riley Wilson

Scott - Steven Pinnella

Bobbi - Maddie Matthews

Becky - Peggy Crozier

Kelli - Olivia Thompson

Lars - Ethan Smith

Billie - Mari Ellis Brewer

Cordell - Braelynn Napier

Annie - Addison Piggott

Myra - Savannah Bloom

Joe - Memphis Mortimer

Katie - Teagan Bryant

Ann Van Buren - Emma Olson

Susie - Sophia Strickland

Napkins - Izzy Boartfield, Mylah Scott

Johnny - Allison Peel

Queen of Boola Boola -Naomi Jacobi

Frank - Trevor Bolling

Vladimir - Memphis Mortimer 

Chef Ludmilla - Madeleine Burnette-Caballero

Fairy Forkmother - Savannah Bloom

Lola - Victoria Kanes

Harry - Mari Ellis Brewer

Mary Sue Betty Bob - Peggy Crozier

Farmer Jerry - Trevor Bolling

Cheerleaders - Rowan Everly, Mckinley Stepp



Izzy Boartfield

Trevor Bolling

Teagan Bryant

Madeleine Burnette-Caballero

Rowan Everly

Naomi Jacobi

Victoria Kanes 

Camille Murphree

Emma Olson

Ashlee Owens

Allison Peel

Ellie Grace Plant

Tricia Rhodes

Mylah Scott

Mckinley Stepp

Sophia Strickland 

Lillian Walding


Tech Team

Sarah Kanes - Stage Manager and Spotlight Operator

Kady Elmore - Prop Mistress and Wardrobe

Tate Powell - Sound Operator

Sydney Smith - Wardrobe Supervisor

Ava Wilson - Lightboard Operator 


Student Director... Maddie Matthews 

Student Music Director... Madeleine Burnett-Caballero

Student Costumer... Victoria Kanes